Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Growth Coaching - The Beginning

As I embark on my first week as a coach, I would like to reflect on my experience so far. I have been through the training, done a bit of practise (sorry Tupua) and have been coached in a formal situation. So here is some of my thinking around coaching so far:

3 Positives

Clarity - I came away from my first coaching session (I was the coachee) feeling a lot clearer about my goal. This was probably due to the fact that I had been discussing it for about 45 minutes but having that time to talk it through meant that I was able to think about the reality of what I was trying to achieve and the next steps. I felt lighter and less weighed down as I left the session.

Motivation and Energy - Good coaching should lead to ACE - actions, clarity and energy. After the session I had two tasks that I needed to action (this post is one of them) before my next coaching session. I like the fact that I have a deadline to keep me on track and that I am working towards a goal that is personal but also helping me to achieve the mandatory goals that are part of my role at MRPS. I did leave the session feeling energised about my next steps because the next steps were suddenly clearer. Prior to the session the next steps were part of a big cloud of thoughts all jumbled in my head.

Setting I SMART Goals - I really like the way that the goals within coaching are framed. The I SMART framework provides a clear and attractive end point for goal setting.

Results driven

By __________, I am/have _____________ so that _____________________________________.

I have used this framework already very successfully with my own team.

2 Challenges

Too many goals? - The nature of how teachers lead and learn in this day and age means that we are constantly reflecting on our practice. One thought I have had about coaching is whether it creates too many goals on top of those that you have already set as part of your teacher inquiry.

Time - I know, I know, teachers are always talking about time as a challenge but it really is! At times I feel anxious about the time that coaching may take away from the day-to-day tasks I need to get done as a leader and a learner. Coaching takes time and while I do see it as valuable, only time will tell whether it is value added to what I am currently doing. I am glad that we have been given release for our first session, long may this last.

1 Wondering

How will my first session as a coach go? - Thursday will be my very first coaching session as a coach with a member of my team. I feel quite nervous about it. I wonder if the coachee will think it is helpful or just a way of building my leadership. I wonder whether the coachee will expect me to have all the answers. I wonder/hope I don't talk too much (a good coach talks for 20% of the time and listens for 80%). I wonder if we will both walk away feeling ACE?

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